Supplements for Higher Competition Athletes
Supplements for Higher Competition Athletes





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Athletes Focus and Perform Better Through Visualization


Pflugerville, TX (June 26 th 20117) - ZLI, US creator of "Reboot Time © " , supplement for Higher Competition Athletes, is launching REBOOT TIME© Focus; Reboot Time product  which features the athlete's (customer) photo along with a power message.

Michael phelps once said: "So many people along the way, whatever it is you aspire to do, will tell you it can't be done. But all it takes is imagination."

ZLI is capitalizing on the synergetic effect of positive visualization and power nutrition to enable competing athletes to create a new best every time. Zak Kouloughli, CEO of ZLI, says "this is one effective way we know to push the athletes to the frontiers of human achievement.

According the company CEO, ZLI is not inventing anything new, the company is simply putting into practice what has been known in the area of psychology.  He explains that by supplying athletes with the nutrients the body needs to energize the cells; and helping them believe they are champs, they become Champs. He clarifies that this tactic causes athletes to stay focused on building and improving themselves constantly, with no option of looking back.

In a market flooded with supplements, ZLI stands out by focusing on athletes seeking higher competition and distributing  "higher performance supplements" manufactured in Texas and made with US sourced ingredients.

When asked about the uniqueness of their products; ZLI CEO answered "Reboot Time fuels the cell’s mitochondria (the cells power house); causing the cells to energize, which enable athletes to elevate their performance level and heighten their stamina.”

REBOOT TIME promotes more than just improve the athlete stamina. The supplement
- speed up recovery from sport competition;
- helps maintain elastic skin and tendons,
- promotes lowers joint inflammation, etc.

REBOOT TIME is ditributed by ZLI and is sold online only.  The product features products by sports and by gender.To learn more about REBOOT TIME log on to


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