Supplements for Higher Competition Athletes
Supplements for Higher Competition Athletes





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Stamina Enhancer for Para Athletes

Pflugerville, TX (July 5th 2017) - ZLI is launching a new line of "Reboot Time" supplements to help athletes, who are involved in intense training boost stamina and stay competitive.  The product is geared toward para athletes involved in parasports competitions. Reboot Time will energize the cell enabling para-athletes to boost their stamina and achieve high performance.

ZLI's President, Zak Kouloughli, explain that the strory that moved him was that of Chuck C., 47 from Austin, Texas, fervent marathon runner, who noticed his time and stamina deteriorate.  Attributing the phenomenon to age, he concluded his time as “marathon man” was up and considered seriously calling it quit, till he met the scientist behind the supplement which will become REBOOT TIME.  Deciding to give the new product a shot, Chuck reconsidered his decision and began training while supplementing his diet with one capsule of REBOOT TIME twice day.  In a month-time, Chuck. recorded measurable results, and in a 4 month-time, he not only finished the 26.2 mile run with flying colors, but improved his time by 10 minutes over the same marathon the year before. 

High stamina in sport competitions is crucial, and professional athletes understand it best as it affects their wallet. Greater stamina enables the athlete's body to stay insync with the mind.

One way to achieve high performance is practice, good rest, and proper nutrition; and that were REBOOT TIME comes in play. The 10 year researched Mitochondria DNA supplement, energizes the body at the cellular level enabling competitive athletes to enhance their stamina and heighten their game or competition.  "And if you are like Chuck; you have the burning desire to compete, but physically, you are not getting there, REBOOT TIME maybe be exactly what you need”; Says Kouloughli.  “By fueling the cell’s mitochondria with Reboot Time; the cells get energized, the stamina heightens, and athlete performs at their best", Kouloughli adds.

REBOOT TIME promotes more than just hightens stamina, the suplement
- speed up recovery from sport competition
- helps maintain elastic skin and tendons,
- promotes lowers joint inflammation, to cite just few; and has no side effects.

REBOOT TIME is not sold in stores and is sold online only.  To learn more about REBOOT TIME log on to


ZLI is distributor of Reboot Time supplements.
Identity of individuals remains undisclosed as permission was not sought prior to writing the article

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